Infrastructure: Africa’s time for action


Africa commands a powerful position on the world stage. It is seen as a land of opportunity an emerging destination of choice for many investors and development actors as they look for high-growth markets, despite the ongoing economic turmoil and the lingering effects of the financial crisis and recession.


Large commodity finds, like Oil and Gas in East and South-East Africa, as well as the huge demand – particularly from Asia – for Agricultural and Natural resources, including Minerals such as Copper, Manganese, Iron ore, Platinum, and Coal etc. are driving the need for infrastructure. In turn, investment in infrastructure needed to extract and move these commodities to global markets (rail and port infrastructure) continue to drive Africa’s economic growth.


Prime Group suggests Investment in African infrastructure can be very profitable, with returns “up to twice as high as we get elsewhere,” Governments across the continent are committing Billions of Dollars to infrastructure, Africa is at the start of a 20 to 30-year infrastructure development boom.


The private sector, though well placed to lead or support most types of infrastructure development and operation, often in collaboration with the government participation several countries have already announced significant additional spending, and infrastructure investments also offer a high stimulus multiple in times of economic slowdown.




The energy infrastructure programme focuses on major hydroelectric projects and interconnects the power pools to meet the forecast increase in demand. Regional petroleum and gas pipelines are also included.



The Transport programme links the major production and consumption centers, provides connectivity among the major cities, defines the best hub ports and railway routes and opens the land-locked countries to improved regional and continental trade.



The trans-boundary water programme targets the development of multipurpose Dams and builds the capacity of Africa’s lake and river basin organizations so that they can plan and develop Hydraulic infrastructure. It would also help address the looming food deficit and promote Agriculture in the continent.




The proposed programme will establish an enabling environment for completing the land Fibre-Optic infrastructure and installing internet exchange points in countries without them. It will connect each country to two different submarine cables to take advantage of the expanded capacity.




Prime Group along with its associates is working with several Governments of African countries to develop Infrastructure Projects hence we have the abilities to secure projects and the resources to bring turnkey financing opportunities from “Seed to Exit”.


Consistent with the mission of helping to develop the African continent, we arrange for financing and EPC contractors with our associates from Asia so that African nations can build infrastructure and offer good life and opportunities to the people of their countries.



Infrastructure projects, Township developments, Telecom, Hospitality, Healthcare, Airports, Seaports, Power plant development, Desalinations, Solar grids, Energy internet deployments and many other projects are eligible for consideration.


We can look into projects whether the project is on the drawing board, or is shovel- ready.


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