Prime Group knows the importance of broadly available educational opportunity to the growth and prosperity of nations. Education as the mother board of the evolutions, conceptions and technology transfer, needs to be improved in Africa.


Prime Group is providing Funding along with its associates to develop educational institutions in Africa not only because we see opportunities for substantial and rewarding returns, but because such institutions are vital to the future of Africa. Emerging economies, seeing the rapid rise of professional classes, need educated minds to develop a career orientated generation that can compete at a higher standard on a global level.


Education is one of the great opportunities of the near future and Prime Group seeks to support this sector whiv will benefits all involved: investor, manager, teacher, and student.



Prime Group along with its associates is engaged in the development of Primary and Secondary Schools, Construct and Rehabilitate Universities, Create Vocational Schools and Training Programs, Create funding programs to Recruit Teachers and Professors and build State-of-the Arts Information and Technology Centers.


Prime Group is working on joint collaboration with the leaders in the fields of Higher Education and Research in South East Asia to bring these opportunities to Africa and its People.



Our other funding projects: