Prime Group is working on several investment opportunities to setup Industry at strategic locations as there are several factors driving this growing manufacturing trend in Africa, including the cheap labour force and the abundance of low-cost raw materials available besides easy access to required land and low setup cost. Several African Governments are extending support for such investments.


Prime Group along with its associate partners has the expertise to setup Industries ranging from Oil Refinery, Cement Plants, Sugar Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Bicycle and Motorcycle assembly plants and Food Processing Plants etc.

Prime Group is working on investment opportunities to setup Industries to add value to the raw material at source all the time. We are in discussion to setup Refineries or Processing plants near the extraction of the Metal Ore and Food Processing plants near the Agriculture production and Fisheries source etc. in several African countries.

Prime Group is in finalizing talks to setup production units in two key areas, Agriculture: Fertilizer and Transport: Bicycle & Motorcycle Production units.




Bicycle Production: The Bicycle assembly plants will be setup to ease transport for many people as Africa embraces multi modal transportation in infrastructure planning and development. This will be a cost effective means of transport as well as promote healthy living for the citizens.




These Bicycle assembly lines will not only provide sustainable transport solution for millions of Africans these will also provide gainful employment and thousands can also setup retail outlets in support of the vibrant industry.




Motorcycle Production: The Bicycle assembly plants will be setup in various countries of Africa in collaboration with major manufacturers of Motorcycles in China and India.



Several Governments in Africa are keen to promote these modes of Transport and are ready to provide all assistance and support for such investments.




Prime Group welcomes the Industry of the world to Africa



Prime Group is in finalizing talks along with some associate Fertilizer manufacturing companies from India to setup production of Fertilizer in Africa which will ease distribution and supply of Fertilizers across several African countries.




The projects will include the setting up of Nitrogen Potassium Calcium (NPK) production plant and a Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) urea and Calcium Ammonium Nitrogen (CAN) production plant. The project aims to reduce the cost of fertilizers to the bare minimum for the farmers of Africa. Failure to reduce cost of Fertilizers could amount to food scarcity in the long run.



The local produced Fertilizer will open a window of opportunities to farmers to massively cut down the cost of this critical farming input the product cost can be reduced by an estimated of approximately 40% which is mainly due to port handling and freight charges etc.



The plants will also end Fertilizer shortages more importantly; the Fertilizer plants are envisioned to be a solution to the food insecurity which we hope will have a positive impact on africa.


Our other investments are as follows: