Africa spends 35 billion US dollars in importing food

Africa spends 35 billion US dollars in importing food; it is projected that the number will grow to 110 billion US dollars by 2025

Prime Africa Trade is a reliable supplier of commodities. At Prime Africa Trade we are continually expanding our global footprint to provide superior service and quality products to meet the needs of our clients worldwide. Our operations are involved in the trading, processing, shipping, and delivery of several Agricultural Commodities.

Prime Africa Trade is focused on buying from producers at origin, providing primary processing, logistics and risk management services and selling to consumers worldwide. We have direct relationships and off-take agreements with Food growers, processors and other industrial entities. Origin-integration allows the company to act as the sole intermediary and an integrated supplier, partnering stakeholders throughout the supply chain from local farmers to primary processers and manufacturers.

Prime Africa Trade trades in Rice, Sugar, Maize, Corn, Wheat, Lentils, Palm Oil, Vegetable Oil, Frozen Chicken and Meat etc.


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