Prime Group has a substantial presence in the field of petroleum and petrochemical products - specializing in sourcing and trading of Crude Oil, Diesel, Base Oil, Bitumen, Gas Oil, LNG and LPG Gas products. The company is fast establishing itself as an integrated energy organization globally. Africa is one of the foremost net exporters of oil; in fact, only the Middle East’s net exports are greater than that of Africa. The continent accounted for over 11% of global oil production over the past decade hence African oil and gas have become important components of the world’s hydrocarbon supply–demand balance.


We operate primarily as physical traders. We source oil from a variety of counterparties including public production companies, oil majors and national oil companies.



Prime Group is committed to an inclusive innovation approach to broaden its impact across the petroleum and petrochemical products space. We continually explore possible future opportunities to innovate and expand looking for new reliable alliance partners.



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