Prime Group meets the needs of a diverse range of customers worldwide. Through the use of railcars, trucks, barges, pipelines and the charter of tankers and dry-bulk carriers we ensure the safe, secure and prompt delivery of products, regardless of geographic location. We build infrastructure and devise logistics to streamline and simplify transportation. The primary objective is to strategically stock essential commodities close to the end users all the time.





Fifteen African countries are landlocked, and African transport costs are up to four times higher than those in the developed world, complicating the importation of equipment and materials. An increasing number of governments in Africa are displaying the capability to change the transport landscape and the business environment. Railway projects and airport upgrades in several African countries embody the rapid change. The governments are pioneering renewed efforts to boost infrastructure sharing and cooperation and general open dialogue. The results are growingly silencing dissenters and buoying local confidence in the ability of African governments to grapple with market deficiencies and gaps in the economy.

Prime Group is in the process of establishing a network of Goods Transportation and Bonded Ware Houses in several countries of Africa including Tanzania, South Africa, and Ghana etc. and in UAE in the Middle East and other South Asia countries like Malaysia and China to stock the commodities exported from Africa.


Major Ports of Africa





Our other investments are as follows: